Commodity Division Goods


Private Buyers

Prior to engaging any customers with sales within our commodity division, we request one of two things to qualify:

  • Receipt of an email from the banker within a top 50 banking institution confirming the order. The email will then be vetted and the banker’s identity will be verified via the assistance of U.S. Embassy / Consulate personnel located within the U.S. Department of Commerce and its sub-agency, the International Trade Administration.
  • In the case of bank to bank verification, we ask that the banker reaches out to our banker via the coordinates we have furnished within the Payment Details Page.


Private Buyers Seeking Deferred Payment Terms: USA Exports only

Ask us for more details,


Government Agency Buyers

 Acquisitions that must be made by written purchase orders, per FAR provisions for unpriced orders (FAR 13.302-2), prior to engaging any federal customers with sales within our commodity division; we request one of two things to qualify:


  • Receipt of an email from the CO (Contracting Officer) confirming the order. The email will then be vetted with a follow-up to the requesting agency.
  • Receipt of the request form via electronic means (fax, email, or upload to our ftp server or auxiliary upload coordinates).    
  • As federal agencies, we work with you to coordinate the development of Letter of Credit on your behalf in the purchasing of imports. We ask that all necessary assistance channels be open to us in ensuring that the agency acquires what it needs.


Quantity: Total MT Volume (15K or 15,000MT minimum on food products, 25K or 25,000MT on metals, oil and gas products, etc) per shipment by vessel. We are able to coordinate shipping and logistics via various shipping partners.

Buyer brand requests are acceptable as we do private label branding of goods for an additional charge. Ask for details.

Delivery time: start within 30 working days after L/C or Letters of Credit are confirmed, acceptable to our banking partners at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank or PNC Bank.

Inspection: Quality, weight, fumigation final at loading port by BUREAU VERITAS or SGS at our cost.

Payment Terms Desired: by Irrevocable, transferable, confirmed documentary L/C payable 100% at sight. The L/C required to be issued/ or confirmed by any of the top world-class banks such as JP Morgan, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Wells Fargo, etc.

For further action please send us the Buyer's LOI & BCL (duly signed & sealed).

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to receiving your orders & doing long-term business with you.