Consulting Services provide the following consulting services;

Global Trade

Contract Advisement

¤ Conducts proposal preparation
¤ Contract negotiation
¤ Contract administration for proper contract acquisition and fulfilment
¤ Some Contract compliance assistance

Supply-Chain Advisement

¤ Logistics and Delivery Cycle of Raw Goods
¤ Consult on Store Operations, Buying, Trading, Space Planning, IT
¤ Change Management
¤ Security Protocols Implementation
¤ Finance and Budget Forecast Services
¤ Fulfillment Engagement Services

Letters of Credit / Negotiation Services

¤ Conducts contract preparation
¤ Instrument negotiations with bankers
¤ Third Party Logistics and facilitation
¤ Clearing Customs and Border Patrol Assistance (SGS and Merlock plus).

Municipal and Government Project and Business Development Advisement

Oil and Gas Procurement and Acquisitions Consulting

¤ Conducts proposal scope analysis
¤ Visits with heads of state and embassy officials (travel, hotel and per diem meals separately priced, please inquire as to the specific location of attendance).
¤ Oil and Gas – Tank Farm Management and Engagement.
¤ Oil and Gas – Pipeline Logistics Management (Port, pipeline, tankers and free onboard delivery decisions) (Only available in the USA, The Netherlands, and the African Coast).
¤ Strategic and Targeted Project Funding Review, Assessment and Effectuation.
¤ Project Feasibility Study Preparation and Project Implementation Scheduling.
¤ Project administration for proper contract acquisition and fulfilment of bill of materials desires including global sourcing endeavors.

Government Contracts

Contract Maintenance

¤ Evaluation of Organizational Changes
¤ Contract Modifications
¤ Pre-Award Conference
¤ Post Award
¤ Cradle to Grave Management (Including Closeouts)
¤ GSA Help Desk

Contract Acquisition

¤ Review of Commercial Sales Agreements
¤ GSA / GWAC Pricing Analysis
¤ Development of Pricing Strategy for Bids
¤ Preparation and Submission of the Offer for RFQs and RFPs
¤ Monitoring/Tracking the Proposal – Life Cycle
¤ Clarifications/Negotiations

Contract Compliance

¤ Policies and Procedures
¤ Control Testing
¤ Price Reduction Monitoring
¤ IFF Reporting and Withholding Requirements
¤ Trade Agreement Act Compliance – and

Strategic Consulting

¤ BPA’s and Indefinite Delivery Consulting
¤ GSA Advantage Price List

Semi-Dedicated Corporate Solutions and Consulting Services
Dedicated Corporate Solutions and Consulting Services


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Let’s face it, many USA base manufacturers and suppliers want to cash in exchange for products and many global customers will only pay by financial instruments for goods. With over 15 years of banking and letter of credit experience.


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