Global Trade

Global Trade

We at are here to serve you boots on the ground in over 11 countries around the globe. With a network of some 81,000 Suppliers, Manufacturers, Refineries and Warehouses covering over 82% of the globe, our services include the sourcing, purchasing, finance, insuring and shipping of goods from anywhere to anywhere.

Some countries are rich in a specific good while lacking in many other daily useable goods. This results in hindrance in economic growth due to resistance in the convenience of goods or transportation and transaction issues.

Our reach is vast and so is our network of partners. The shipment of any commodity we present is our responsibility from cradle to grave.

We have built relationships with some of the top banks in the world which help in the transaction of trading resulting in the safe and sound bonding of goods to ensure insured and safe processing of goods.

We have a worldwide team of distributors and contractors who are working day and night to supply goods to the final destination.

In addition, we are international trading specialists that have fostered strong relationships globally with both buyers and suppliers throughout the world. With this network, we have created direct links to suppliers, distributors, exporters & importers for several USA, European, and Asian, South American manufacturers in the Oil/Gas sector, HVAC, Construction, Electric, Mechanical, IT Services and Heavy Equipment Industries. The trading is done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Through our network, we can also assist new sellers to secure the best supplying finance assistance (facilities) for your commodities.


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Let’s face it, many USA base manufacturers and suppliers want to cash in exchange for products and many global customers will only pay by financial instruments for goods. With over 15 years of banking and letter of credit experience.


A CVE certified company located within a DC Hub Zone, we welcome your inquiries.
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